Calm on the outside, Pain on the inside

On the outside, Golf doesn’t seem like it would be a challenging sport on the player’s body, there is no running, and there is no physical contact in the game of Golf. The reality is Golf is a very technical sport that takes a significant toll on your back, muscles, and joints. Every swing is a twist of the back and hips and a tensing of muscles as you try for a 300-yard drive every time. This affects your biceps and shoulder muscles, not to mention all the walking that is involved in a round of golf. Considering the average age of amateur golf players being over 50 years old, this game can take its toll on a golfer’s body.

What does CBD do?

CBD is a chemical that the Cannabis plant produces, which has a number of healing effects on the body, it is only 1 of 113 chemicals that this plant produces. CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which can help with sore and overworked muscles, this also works at relaxing the muscles around joints. It is a powerful pain suppressant that eases discomfort while allowing the muscles to relax and repair themselves in the meantime.

Match Made in Heaven

How does CBD and golf work together to improve our game? Golf is about consistency, it’s as much about using your body as using your mind for each and every swing. When you start to feel pain during your round you begin to either push through it, or you adjust your swing to take pressure off that area. For a game about consistency, focusing on pain and using mid game adjustments are not effective ways to win your round.

By using CBD to help with pain management and allowing it to also heal muscles, you can focus on your swing consistency and make it through your round. We guarantee each and every product, just make sure to read which product works best to fit into your game.

Introducing CBD To Your Game

How severe is the pain?

CBD helps with minor aches and pains. If you’ve spoken with a doctor and your joint and muscle pain is an issue of pain management rather than something more serious, then CBD can help! It’s always easier to try a little then work your way up till you find the right mix.

Minor Pain

Depending on the placement affected area you may be able to just use one of our topical products that you can apply to specific areas. This allows you to apply this when and where you need and should be quite effective

Deeper Pain

Sometimes the Pain may be a little more intense than usual. As long as it’s not something more serious, we would recommend a pairing of a topical product to apply to the area as well as an ingestible such as a gummy or tincture. This way you are applying CBD on the inside of your body and on the outside as well.

When To Use CBD


We recommend using our Salve Stick which is longer lasting because it has a slower absorption rate because it’s in the form of a balm. This is great to proactively apply CBD to known pain areas such as the back or joints an hour before your game. This will also help during stretching as it will further loosen muscle and allow you to get your muscles/joints ready to be active.

This can also be paired with our CBD gummies for those that have deeper muscle and joint pain. We recommend taking 1 gummy 30 minutes before gametime, to ensure you have food in your stomach. A gummy paired with our salve stick will be the most effective way to introduce CBD to your game.


Our Gel CBD formula was created for maximum absorption and quick relief. We power packed this with Menthol Crystals to create an Icy-Hot sensation to instantly cool down applied to areas. We also added Peppermint oil in order to open pores for quick absorption in the skin to allow CBD to do its work faster. In each bottle there is a Roll on applicator in the form of a massage ball. Not only are you able to apply CBD easily to any part of your body, you can also use the Roll on ball to massage sore muscles and joints.

If you already took a gummy during your pre-game ritual, as long as it’s been over 2 hours you can take another gummy if the pain is deep. We would recommend using our golf tincture instead since this is faster acting and doesn’t need as much food in your stomach in order to be effectively absorbed. Simply take a full dropper of the tincture and empty under your tongue, keep there for as long as possible but we recommend around 1 minute.

Post game

CBD/Hemp is one of the most effective anti-inflammatory plants in the world, and is one of the best ways to quickly heal sore muscles and get back to game ready.After your hot shower when pores are open we recommend using our CBD Pain Cream. It has a cooling effect which will allow you to have instant relief when massaging sore muscles. This cream has the consistency of lotion which has a medium absorption rate compared to our balm or gel.

You can also use an ingestible such as a gummy or tincture before bed to allow you some pain relief if you continue to have sore muscles and joints. This will also allow the CBD to work on those inflamed muscles throughout the night, so you’re back in action the next day.



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