Basics: CBD is a powerful chemical that can have a number of healing effects on the body. It is not meant to cure specific ailments, we still recommend talking to a medical professional for any serious health concerns or if you are already on prescription medication. To begin, we recommend the following if you have never used CBD before:

Start small and build up!

Try a small amount to start off to ensure that CBD meshes with your body well. Every person is different, although CBD has no head high effects for the majority of users we want to make sure you start off slow and gradually build up.

Take with food!

The fats and carbs will help your body better absorb the CBD in your body, similar to drinking coffee or tea on an empty stomach.

Know your own strength!

Every product comes in different strengths, just like taking two advil instead of one or buying the extra strength. Each of our products show the potency right on the label, 500 mgs being the lowest and it builds up all the way to 2000 mgs.

Day or Night!

Each of our products is specific for either time of day or full on muscle recovery. If you keep taking our night time brand during the day you may feel slightly drowsy or have immense relaxation. Just note which product you are taking and what time of day for the best effects.

Consistency is key!

For more long term ailments such as knee issues or consistent back pain, we recommend taking CBD consistently to support your Endocannabinoid System which will help with chronic pain. This could come in the form of taking a tincture 1-2 times a day consistently, or could be using our balms on a daily basis. Note: please see a medical professional for medical advice.

Two ways to use!

In terms of frequency there are two ways you can take CBD: either taking it when needed or consistently everyday. If you take CBD when needed then you would want to choose a stronger Mg product 1000 mgs or more. If you take CBD daily then you can choose something smaller around 500 mgs, which is the recommendation.









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2415 San Ramon Valley Blvd. #807
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