Blackberry Golf
Broad Spectrum CBD Oil


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Made in USA.

Our all-natural Blackberry Tincture is a pure extract of CBD in a liquid form. This can be used to ingest directly before, during, or after your round of golf.

This is one of the easiest ways to ingest CBD for quick effect, simply take a few drops under your tongue, and in a few minutes, let CBD do its work. Just remember to take with food for maximum effect.

Each dopper has measurement markings to make it easier to know exactly how much CBD you are ingesting.


Tinctures are a liquid form of the Cannabis plant, you can either put a full dopper under your tongue or use it as an additive put in your drink or food. Our tinctures are 100% natural and contains only CBD extract and Coconut CMT (to bind the CBD molecule to).

This method is highly effective for a more medium effect, it lasts much longer than smoking, and can be added to anything. For example, maybe to start your day you add a half dropper (.5ml) to your coffee every morning.

Start with a 450 Mg tincture and work your way up if you have never used a tincture before. There are many different strengths and types of Tinctures that we have on our website, start slow and if you feel its not strong enough then you can upgrade to a higher strength.

Suggested Use:

Start by using 1-2 full droppers throughout the day (33.3mg of CBD each) for the first 14 days and see how you feel. You should notice a difference but if you don’t, simply increase the dose by 5mg every 2-3 days to find your optimal dose..

Caution: If you have never used CBD before we recommend taking a quarter dopper to start off with and moving up from there.

Directions & Tips:

  • Hold for 10 minutes under tongue for maximum absorption
  • May take up to 1 hour to take effect
  • Shake bottle before use
  • Do not use on an empty stomach
  • May be added to food or drink
  • Know your dosage intake
  • Be consistent when using
  • Consult your physician if you are taking other medication


Made with coconut MCT oil and our Premium quality Hemp.



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2415 San Ramon Valley Blvd. #807
San Ramon, CA 94583